You'll find the discripton of deposite offer after filling the form

Deposit at restaurant
"My Cousine"
For those who fill the form
we present a 10% discount card
All your data will stay private
You come to us and after bussiness or informal meeting just say "goodbye!" without paying a bill.

We offer you to use a bussiness deposit at our restaurant.
It saves your time and would be a serious advantage to your clients' first impression and bussiness reputation.
How it works:
You pay a fixed sum in advance for restaurant service.
You come to My Cousine to meet clients, friends or partners.
After meeting we say "Goodbye" and you just leave without paying.
Extra advantages
In the end of the month we verificate the sum, and the balance remained goes to further month.

You an send the deposit by bank tranfer or bring in cash.

You can provide your eployees with meal this way.
Enter your phonenumber and we'll answer all your questions.